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The previous blog stated the benefits of using disposable vape over refillable vape. For today’s topic, let’s go into fixing disposable vapes since there are several cases where the disposable vape pods stop firing (hitting). That would disappoint the vapers since the devices are no longer working. However, there are ways to fix it, and we will provide 3 ways in this blog.

We’ll also list three disposable Vape brands (Akso, Aladdin Pro & King X) which are preferred by vapers for this month.

Pre-Loaded Cartridge Or Pod 

Pre-filled pod might sound silly. However, occasionally air bubbles may become encased in the cartridge or the vicinity of the coil, obstructing airflow. The auto-draw switch may also be being blocked by something. As a result, try tapping or flipping the disposable’s side where the pod/cartridge area is located (the top of the device). You can resume vaping by clearing out anything obstructing the airflow.

Remove Debris From The Mouthpiece

Another factor that could obstruct the airflow and keep your gadget from shooting is debris in the mouthpiece. Because disposables are frequently in and out of pockets or bags, it is typical for lint or fluff to become lodged in the mouthpiece. Make sure nothing is obstructing the airway by checking first. If something is there, attempt to pry it out with a toothpick or safety pin.

Examine The Battery

A battery indicator light is typically located anywhere on disposables. If the disposable light does not shine or illuminate as you inhale, your problem can be a dead battery. Unfortunately, since it’s merely a manufacturing error, there isn’t much you can do to fix a disposable that isn’t rechargeable. However, if it’s a rechargeable disposable pen, connect it to a charger; if it’s getting power, the LED light should come on.

Possibly Not Working

Since there are so many low-cost disposable gadgets on the market, no manufacturer is ideal, and occasionally you may just have gotten a dud due to poor quality control. It can be a dead battery, faulty internal connections, or a damaged coil. When it left the manufacturer’s warehouse, this might not have been the case, but it might have happened during transportation. You might have to cut your losses and buy a new device if this is the case.

If It’s Still Broke

Sadly, as is frequently the case, some disposable vapes can be fixed using the techniques mentioned above, but in some cases, the item you received is simply defective. Of course, you could always get in touch with the manufacturer or the shop where you bought it to see if you can get reimbursed, but since disposables are so inexpensive, it might be a lost cause.

Although manufacturers’ mistakes won’t always be avoided, it’s advisable to stay with reputable brands with a solid track record for quality assurance (like the ones we recommend). In this manner, there is a lower possibility that you may receive a defective throwaway device. Speaking of reputable brands, you may want to read our reviews of these 3 disposable vape brands for this month. They are Akso, Aladdin Pro & King X

King X 7500 Puffs

 You could give King X a try for heavy vapers since it has a 7500 puff capacity and comes with 9 flavors: Strawberry Cheesecake, Grape Ice Cream, Blackcurrant Honeydew, Coffee Hazelnut Caramel, Watermelon Mango, Caramel Pudding, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Oat Milk, and Strawberry Mango. 

It has a stunning compact design, which fits in the palm of your hand. Furthermore, it doesn’t give a high throat hit, which makes the product suitable for beginners who want to change vaping from smoking. 

Unlike other vape flavors, It is said that their flavors don’t taste too sweet, which would be a plus point for ex-cigarette smokers. Cigarette smokers are known to be tobacco lovers, so they can start with King X if they quit cigarettes. 

Akso GT 3500

Are you looking for a cheaper option and a distinct vape flavor? Then you can look into the Akso GT 3500. Akso GT3500 is a preferred disposable pod for light vapers because it contains 3500 puffs and an E-liquid capacity of 12 ML. Like any other disposable vape, its battery capacity is 650mAH and rechargeable. So you don’t have to worry about how long the vape will last. Just recharge and vape their favorite flavors, from Mint Ice to Sirap Bandung.

According to YouTuber Adrian Lo, his preferred Akso GT flavor is Guava, and he mentioned that the vape could last long, and he had been sharing the same device with his partner for almost 12 days! Imagine that. So if you are on a tight budget and looking for the most affordable disposable vape pod, then Akso GT 3500 is definitely for you.

Aladdin Pro Enjoy 9000 Puffs

Still need more? You can opt for Aladdin Pro Enjoy 9000 Puffs. With an E-liquid capacity of 18 ml and a cute flask bottle design. They have 20 flavors to choose from, saving you from the hassle of finding the right or unique taste. For example, Aladdin Pro provides Hawaiian flavors, such as Hawaii Mango, Hawaii Pineapple, Hawaii Milkshake, and Hawaii Banana. You may want to try that for a change.

Aladdin Pro’s other distinctive feature is the three-adjustable flow, which allows the vapers to control the air entering the disposable vape. Setting it to one would give a very tight airflow, while the maximum three will provide a very loose airflow, which is recommended for those who are into cloud chasing rather than trying out the flavors.

That’s all from us for this month’s blog. For any inquiries or if you are on the lookout for other vape devices and brands, simply click here to visit SG Vape Hub.

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